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Star Wars Day: Our Favorite Star Wars Games

Try these games to make your Star Wars day the best it can be!

We at Nerdier Tides are gamers overall. While our fandoms and focuses are varying among us, we all game and so that’s why this Star Wars Day we decided to go ahead and say what our favorite Star Wars Games are!

So here are our top Star Wars Games that you better make sure you play!


Lego Star Wars


The Lego games selling point is the accessibility yet fun lore filled worlds they can provide the most die hard of fans. That’s why Star Wars was the perfect match for the Lego franchise.


Loads of fun and plenty of heart behind it, it’s no wonder that this series is the one with the most entries in the Lego franchises.


Star Wars Episode 1: Racer

I know, I know. A game based on the something from the prequels.


hear me out though! The pod racing scene was probably one of the cooler portions of Phantom Menace from quite few stand points and this high-speed, action filled racer will have you trying your best to keep up as the landscapes and intricately designed tracks speed past you. It will be a thrill ride as you get to higher difficulty race tracks and your reflexes become honed so that you can dodge every danger the track and other racers have to throw at you.



Star Wars: Republic Commando

love this game

Oh look! Another prequel game, but this shooter will have FPS fans not disappointed as you take charge of a squad of clone Commandos. The entire cast is filled with those lovable character types that will have you attached and fearing for them the entire game. You will make planet fall on staples of the Star Wars universe and some major battles that would end up deciding the fate of the Star Wars galaxy.



Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy


Every Star Wars fan wanted to use the force and a lightsaber at least a few times, even loyal Han Solo fanboys like me. Learning the ways of the force and crafting your own light saber and fighting style.

Well that is what Jedi Academy offered! An official continuation of the Star Wars narrative. After creating your own student and picking out your first saber (you get more along the way) you are entered into Jedi Master Luke’s academy and soon find yourself rising up the ranks as you deal with a new (yet familiar) galactic threat. This set up makes for a fun action RPG you will love.



Star Wars Battlefront 2


Yes we now there is a new one out but you will like this one more is what we find ourselves agreeing on. with space combat, fast paced fighting that wont make you feel like you will just die immediately as the game starts, offline play, and a story mode.



This is by far is the superior Battlefront game.


Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic 2


Like you didn’t see this legendary RPG coming. its game play amazing. its story grand and rewarding. its innovation in the genre still felt to this day and helped push developer Bioware outward as a company to watch.


If you have not played this gem that is so beloved it sparked an mmo you are doing yourself a dis-justice.


so there are some awesome games for you to play and of course… MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!

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