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Star Wars Day: What We Hope To See From The Extended Universe

Before we leave them behind, lets grab these things from the Extended Universe.

So it’s official, the new Star Wars movies are big hits and has the attention of the world now. Given that the franchise is over 40 years old and has so much extended lore to it, it was no wonder that the new owners over at Disney wiped the slate mostly clean when it came to the 40 plus years of previous canon comics, video games, and novels. The have picked what will fit into their new universe narrative.


That’s fine. From what we here at NT have seen announced as still canon has so far been great. But the extended universe has so much to offer!

So in no particular order here are our favorite things that could be brought into the new movie universe, no problem.

Mara Jade Skywalker


The eventual wife of Luke Skywalker, started off with regular appearances in the Star Wars comics. She was a force and lightsaber¬† using assassin and the hand of the Emperor (That’s a whole thing).

Deadly and tenacious, she posed a striking threat to the Republic. She would not turn her back to her master, Emperor Palpatine until his first death (That’s a whole thing too). After that she would work as a smuggler before finally devoting her life to the new Jedi Order where she would continue to be a bad ass during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, which was an invasion of giant bug warriors from another Galaxy (that again, is a whole thing). She fought and led many forces against them across multiple battle grounds despite being extremely ill at the time. A illness that wouldn’t go away till after she gave birth to her and Luke’s first child. The first lady of the Jedi Order, she would defend it for many years occasionally struggling with the inner turmoil her past caused her now and again. Couldn’t you just see her in one of the movies if not her own!


But speaking of giant bugs earlier…
The Yuuzhan Vong invasion

Now I know the current movies have their plots seeming like they are set far from giant bug monsters but hear why you want the Vong to attack our favorite far away galaxy.


The Vong are a race of  force resistant humanoid bugs who enjoy pain and graft random organs onto themselves, it peeking through their armor that comes far too close to looking like bondage gear.

Traveling around in a living ships the size of planet, the Vong were conquerors on a galactic level and it showed. The amount of havoc, carnage and loss of life that they could inflict was quickly apparent. They pushed Luke and the new Jedi Order to its limits. When they were finally defeated the total death count was around 365 trillion…


Which is why I think they need to be the build up for the new Star Wars movies. Lets see several movies of the usual guys beating the crap out of each other before introducing these heavy hitters. Imagine just having the gigant ship slowly carving it’s way across the galaxy, forcing enemies to have to work together to just withstand the new horrors assault.


Now part of me knows I don’t really want these in the film, just more that they were prominent in a lot of the Star Wars media and I think the Sith are missing a golden opportunity. A lot of the lore of the Sith involve resurrection and immortality. They fear death while Jedi see it as just the next step. A lot of the extended universe is already just attempts of the Siths to just prolong their lives, either using cloning, force possessions, or even vampire-esque abilities to suck the living force out of others.


But out of all the ideas, the resurrection of those who have passed has been the most well executed idea by the writers. From resurrected Rancors and entire ships of zombies, to a planet of brain dead and violent beings. Zombies and death matter in Star Wars and we need to recognize that and give me the fan service I- I mean we need.
Legacy Era Cade Skywalker



The last known true Skywalker in the distant end of the of the Legacy Era, Cade was a confused man faced with being the last in long line of important force users. This was reflected well in his own journey as he constantly struggled with a family history of giving into the dark side and boy were his stories fun. They had those torturous moments you expected and the heaviness of being the last Skywalker was apparent with each choice and arc. With multiple films to come out it would be easy to set one far ahead enough to cover the Skywalker decedent. It wouldn’t even have to effect the main story films as Cade’s story is suggested to take place FAR from that of Luke’s.


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