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Do You Remember? Samurai Pizza Cats

A Trio of Cyborg Cats Save Their City While Making Pizza

Armored cyborg cats fight evil forces while they defend a city of other cyborg animals from an evil adviser named the Big Cheese that wishes to dethrone the current, inept ruler.

Oh by the way it has one of the best cartoon openings ever…

Now if you didn’t watch that video, you need to. You need to watch it over and over until it’s lyrics has been burned into your brain and has replaced the important childhood memories you had been storing.


One of the early projects by Haim Saban, the man who brought the Japanese Super Sentai to the states as The Power Rangers franchise. This series took footage from japanese anime “Kyatto Ninden Teyandee”¬†(Cat Ninja Legend Teyandee). With an adapted plot that has nothing to do with the original series.

A team of three samurai cats who delivered pizzas as their day jobs. In order to stop crimes they are launched from a giant pistol into the city they protect. Out to stop a Big Cheese, a robot mouse – fox cyborg… thing? The show had the trio of heroes¬†attempt to stop his evil machinations of malice. From attacking the city, trying to convince the populace the current idiot leader was an idiot, steal money, or depose of his rivals in the government. The big cheese’s plans were that form of campy and menacing that only 80’s and early 90’s cartoon as could be.


Now this is where things get very interesting and strange (as though we didn’t start from somewhere strange originally).

Samurai pizza Cats follows the structure of Saban’s other work, Power Rangers. Japanese footage recut and dubbed over to match a completely American narrative. Now what if I say that without Samurai Pizza Cats we wouldn’t have Power Rangers?

The Samurai Pizza Cats helped show that reusing japanese footage worked as cheap entertainment. The Pizza Cats original japanese series flopped hard in its home country. Kids were not liking it.


But in the states…

Kids loved it! The show’s ratings were pretty good. It was so beloved, wacky, and well adapted that even the original creators of the Japanese show said the American version was the superior product.

This as well as a few other products helped former musician turned media mogul, Haim Saban, get enough clout to finally get his Power Ranger project going.

So obviously given my praise, I truly love Samurai Pizza Cats and expect you to watch it?



This amazing show has a Blu-Ray DVD ready and available for buying and those who witnessed this weird show that would grace early mornings on saturday, stay life long fans. You will find people who enjoy this show as much as my fevered typing does!

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