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Do You Remember? The Lara Croft GameTap Series

Remember GameTap? They made a show!

Once upon a time there was a video game digital service called GameTap.

Offering digital downloads of PC games via a subscription based model, GameTap was a one of a kind experience that even toted original games and one of the longest episodic game releases ever.

The 23 episode American Mcgee’s Grimm.

But today we are going to discuss the one of a kind Tomb Raider GameTap animated series,  Re\Visioned: Tomb Raider.

A mini series consisting of 10 episodes, each drawn by a different famous artist like Jim Lee and Peter Chung, the series was a unique experiment in developing a game franchise as having a deeper back story. In this case the Tomb Raider protagonist, Lara Croft.

With most episodes containing its own narrative and story (save for the 2 multi part arcs), plots ranged from a pre-teen Lara Croft learning her craft to a bunch of bandits sitting around a camp fire discussing how they all killed Lara (or did they?).

Now then you are probably wondering what other Re\Visioned series were made? None.

Tomb Raider Re\Visioned was not well received. Viewers complained about the shifting art style from episode to episode and about the thin story of this story driven look at Lara Croft. GameTap rather than learning anything from this venture, they just stopped making them.

It likely didn’t help that shortly after releasing the show that GameTap was bought out and eventually closed.

So should you try to find it?

Yes, yes you should. The show was good and makes for a fun retrospective on how video game worlds use to be built. There are a few episodes floating around the web but a DVD was never released so expect a hunt to find all the episodes and good quality.

As for GameTap… Well a retrospective on that doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Look out for it soon.

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