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Netflix takes a look at how Aggretsuko says to deal with your boss in a new video

Let anime help you figure out how to deal with your boss!

(Featured Image Source: Fanworks / Sanrio / Netflix)

Bosses can be the worse. Demanding, aggressive, and somehow managing to be less skilled than you while being paid more. Navigating your professional life with a tough boss like that can be difficult, but Netflix has turned to Aggretsuko to figure out how to deal with them!

“The characters of Aggretsuko give us strategies on dealing with annoying bosses.”

via Netflix Anime

Aggretsuko is an animated comedy series based on a character from Sanrio and created by Yeti. The series follows socially anxious office worker Retsuko, who lets out her frustrations and tackles difficult issues by singing death metal. It has received critical acclaim for its satire of a corporate workplace, relatable characters, and fun music. The series concluded earlier this year with its fifth season.

You can watch Aggretsuko on Netflix.

(Source: Netflix Anime)

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