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Free upcoming cosplay design class in NYC will teach you the basics!

Learn how to make your next cosplay from an experienced cosplay seamstress.

(Featured Image Source: Kia Sangria)

Cosplaying allows you to become your favorite character. A legendary hero, an iconic video game protag, nefarious villains, or just the weirdest background character in the series that only you could ever truly appreciate (you know who). But creating a cosplay can seem daunting when you’re just starting or have a truly ambitious design in mind. Well, a free upcoming event hosted by a passionate cosplay seamstress aims to help beginners learn how to make their cos dreams come true!

Introduction To Cosplay Sewing is a free event hosted by NYC cosplayer & seamstress Kia Sangria and sponsored by fabric store Save-A-Thon. An introductory to the world of cosplay design & sewing, it will be a blend of live demos and hands-on learning. Attendees will spend two hours experiencing the ins and outs of making a cosplay straight from a longtime cosplayer!

Those who attend the event will experience & learn:

  • The basics of working with costume sewing patterns
  • Popular cosplay fabrics and sewing techniques
  • Live sewing demos
  • The opportunity to try your hand at sewing
  • The cosplay community in NYC
  • See popular cosplays and learn the steps to create them

All for free!

Kia Sangria is a cosplayer and seamstress well known for her amazing cosplays and intricate designs. She has dazzled at conventions and photo events, her love of the craft shining through her captivating work.

Introduction To Cosplay Sewing By Kia Sangria Sponsored By Save-A-Thon will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2023, from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST @ Fabrics Save-A-Thon located at 2 West Fordham Road in The Bronx. Can’t make it? Stay tuned as more classes is planned for the future.

You can get the latest updates as well as see her work in progress and her finished costumes by following Kia on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.


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