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Anime NYC 2022 – Dice Dungeons

Enhance your TTRPG experience!

Greetings, traveler! I have the perfect thing for your next adventure. Tools that you would be a fool to not have in your bag of holding. Dice and table top accessories sure to bring your next journey to another level–That’s right, I speak of the amazing dice and TTRPG accessories of Dice Dungeons!

A premium dice company based out of Baltimore, Dice Dungeons has a huge selection of absolutely gorgeous and expertly crafted dice. Using premium materials, Dice Dungeons creates sets made of resin, plastic, metal, special metals, wood, and gemstones! Each set has a unique look and feel sure to enhance your tabletop experience.

Use their unique dice styles to reflect your character’s identity and add flair to your next session.

Dice Dungeons’ spectacular collection of dice isn’t the only offering that is a must-have from them, as their newly released line of Quest Decks should be in every game master’s tool kit.

Quest prompts that are compatible with numerous table top games, Dice Dungeons quest decks are a fun way to let your adventuring party pick up side quests. Maybe a request from a mysterious shop owner or a job from a desperate guard, draw a card, and have your party set out on their next journey!

Crafted by gamers for gamers, check out their selection of RPG gear accessories that will help you organize and streamline your sessions.

Dice Dungeons @ Anime NYC 2022

We can not suggest Dice Dungeons enough! Dice that will have your rolls looking fancier and tools that will make your sessions run smoother, check out Dice Dungeons! Set sail for their official site to see their full selection, and follow them on Instagram for the latest updates and planned convention appearances.

Anime NYC 2022 may be over, but stay tuned as we share all the cool booths, cosplays, and more! And save the date, Anime NYC 2023 is set for November 17-19!

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