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Anime NYC 2022 – Blerd™

Blerds on a mission!

Blerd™ is real, honest, and powerful. Forging a community out of the people that many like to pretend weren’t always present in comic book shops, game stores, and conventions, Blerd™ is the reality that black nerds aren’t new, and we love it.

Blerd™ is a brand that features collaborative pieces with artwork from black artists, spreading their work through fun pieces you can wear during your day out or at the convention. They work with black artists by reaching out at events to collaborate on new styles, apparel, and accessories.

We love their Sailor Blerd Collection!

Blerds on a mission! Blerd™ @ Anime NYC 2022

Spotlighting the works of black creators across the spectrum, not just artists, they also work with cosplayers, writers, gamers, podcasters, and beyond! Blerd is building a positive community of black nerds supporting black excellence.

Blerds on a mission! Blerd™ @ Anime NYC 2022

And while our conversation Blerd™ CCO & Co-founder Jevon “JBreazy” Portee focused mostly on their community efforts and available apparel, they also participate in gaming & cosplay events and conventions across the United States.

Make sure to check out their events directory to see where Blerd will be next. The next event you can see them at is Holiday Matsuri this December in Orlando, Florida.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates, cosplay spotlights, merch releases, and community events. While there, check out their gaming Discord server, and if your a Blerd looking to share you creations with the wider community, you can read about how to become a Blerd™ contributor.

Anime NYC 2022 may be over, but stay tuned as we share all the cool booths, cosplays, and more! And save the date, Anime NYC 2023 is set for November 17-19!

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