@Anime NYC 2021 – Noir Caesar

Creating unique worlds and diverse stories!

This year at Anime NYC, an amazing mural caught my eye. Depicted were various intriguing scenes, snippets of grander worlds, and deep stories. I found myself drawn to it. Not just because of, essentially, how cool it looked, but also because of the characters themselves. People of color all depicted without the stereotypes and allowed to be, well, people. What had caught my eye was the works of Noir Caesar.

Captivating stories starring and made by people of color, indie creation brand Noir Caesar aims to not only create narratives and worlds that will pull you in but ones that let black people be represented with authenticity and respect.

Numerous series inspired by anime, manga, comics, hip hop, westerns, and more. Noir Caeser’s catalog of titles is sure to have something you just won’t be able to put down!

For those who are heading to Anime NYC 2021, you can check out a booth devoted to their work and apparel by taking a trip to booth #216.

Noir Caesar @ Anime NYC 2021

Can’t make it to the convention? Head to Noir Caesar’s official site, where you can see their latest releases and stay tuned to their news. They even have the Noir Caesar app, letting you keep up with their latest releases. It is available on iOS and Android devices.

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