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@Anime NYC 2021 – Paoh Sentient Art

Exploring life through unique mermaid art.

The mermaids of Paola Rodriguez’s PAOH Sentient Art resonates with me greatly. If I can be honest, covering a convention, I don’t really expect to be emotionally stopped by someone’s work. To feel something deeply, and if I can again be honest, be reminded of a brutally honest truth of existence that, while I never shy from examining in conversations with my friends, is something that most people kind of don’t want to talk about.

The art of PAOH has a message. It is meant for us to confront something that is honest about life. It’s accompanied by a statement:

“My work is an ongoing analysis of human identity through the majestic creature known as the mermaid. Humanity as a whole chooses to ignore our mortality and the organic instincts that drive us, and the mermaid reminds us of those. We choose to disregard that we are time-based, living beings that age with each passing day.

Eternal beauty, death, primal instincts; they all hang in the balance and two out of the three are overlooked in our culture. Self-reflection in front of the mirror just replicates the external self but have you ever stopped to remember what you’re made of?”

PAOH Sentient Art

Each mermaid from PAOH is unique and has an otherworldly beauty that feels like some kind of forgotten embrace. Some part of you struggles to place it. No, not place. Just ultimately accept. It is beautifully contrasted with the beyond, though that’s something the artist’s statement seems to say isn’t exactly not connected. That the human experience is more than we leave it at.

Art and life can be so much more. Even PAOH’s non-mermaid pieces are just gorgeous!

PAOH Sentient Art @Anime NYC 2021

You can order any of PAOH Sentient Art’s breathtaking and captivating pieces by heading to booth #C21 if you are attending Anime NYC 2021. If you cant make it this year, you can head to their official site to see what prints are currently available and to check out their about page and Etsy.

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