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Laura Stahl Is The New Voice Of Guilty Gear’s Ramlethal Valentine!

Representation matters!

(Featured Image: Laura Stahl’s Twitter / Arc System Works)

Voice actress Laura Stahl has taken on the role of Guilty Gear’s Ramlethal Valentine after previous voice actress Erin Fitzgerald stepped away from the part to allow a more appropriate casting for the black character.

Revealed by Stahl on Twitter and further elaborated by Fitzgerald, Stahl is now the English voice of Ramlethal.

Stahl has provided her voice for numerous anime and video games, including Monster Hunter: Rise, Genshin Impact, Rent-a-Girlfriend, and The Promised Neverland. Fitzgerald is also a very respected voice actor, appearing in many much-beloved series including Ed, Edd n Eddy, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, and numerous anime series and video games.

A classy move from Fitzgerald, it again shows just how much representation matters.

Ramlethal is a fan-favorite character from the Guilty Gear franchise. Originally a non-playable boss character, her brutal and devastating fighting style is an absolute delight!

Thank you so much, Erin Fitzgerald. And welcome to the world of Guilty Gear, Laura Stahl!

Guilty Gear -STRIVE- will be available for PC, PS4, and PS5 on June 11, 2021.

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