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‘World’s End Club’ Releases New Gameplay Trailer

Who will survive the end of the world?

(Featured Image Source: IzanagiGames / NIS America / Too Kyo Games)

World’s End Club has gotten a new gameplay trailer showing off more of its twisted, stylish, and charming story and gameplay.

In an elementary school in Tokyo, there’s a group called the “Go-Getters Club,” made up from oddball kids from all over Japan.
Reycho and the other members are somehow different than the other kids around them.
Then, one day, during the summer…
While on the bus for their class trip, they get into an accident.

When they wake up, they’re in a theme park under the sea.
Reycho and the others are trapped inside this strange, long-abandoned place.
Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a mysterious clown appears and orders them to play a “Fate Game”!
Before any of them can figure out what’s happening, they’re fighting for their very lives.
Will they be able to survive and make it out of this weird place?

The kids are all lost and confused…
But then, extraordinary powers begin to awaken within them.
While at the same time…
Abnormal events are occurring all over the Earth.


World’s End Club comes from Japanese video game developer Too Kyo Games and Grounding and will be published by IzanagiGames and NIS America. The game follows several students who find themselves at the will of a malicious clown. Or are they? Too Kyo Games was founded by Danganronpa alumn including Kazutaka Kodaka, Rui Komatsuzaki, Masafumi Takada, and Zero Escape Director Kotaro Uchikoshi, meaning players can expect all kinds of twist and turns.

World’s End Club will be available on May 28th, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch.

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