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Crunchyroll Loves Launches New 2021 GODZILLA Collection!

A monstrous limited-edition collection!

(Featured Image: Crunchyroll)

Crunchyroll Loves, Crunchyroll’s amazing inhouse streetwear clothing brand, has revealed their latest collaboration, and it is a monstrous one, as they aim to show GODZILLA just how much we all love him.

The Crunchyroll Loves: GODZILLA [2021] collection contains 14 limited edition pieces, including a collectors book and set of Medicom figures, all sporting unique art of the god of destruction.

GODZILLA: Cover Compendium will be quite the monstrous collection!

GODZILLA: Cover Compendium” is an 80-page art book from IDW Publishing, showing off covers from their GODZILLA comic series, with the book’s cover art designed by Crystal Cheung. It will feature monsters from across the franchise history.

Relax with these GODZILLA Medicom Toy Figures!

Crunchyroll Loves has Collaborated with Medicom Toys to create three very visually unique GODZILLA figures.

Crunchyroll Loves is Crunchyroll’s’ in-house streetwear line that features crossovers with numerous fan-favorite series, franchises, and creators. Previous collections have included RWBYMegan Thee StallionOne Piece, and more!

The Crunchyroll Loves: GODZILLA collection is available for preorder from February 25 – March 8 exclusively from the Crunchyroll Store. Make Sure to preorder now, because like all other Crunchyroll Loves tie-ins, once the pre-sale ends, the collection will no longer be available.

Head over to Crunchyroll now to preorder your piece of this great collection and to check out their great selection of Japanese pop culture merch!

(Source: Crunchyroll)

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