Crunchyroll Has Revealed An Amazing Lineup Of Anime Dubs Releasing This Month!

Fan-favorite series await!

(Featured Image source: Crunchyroll)

Today, Crunchyroll has revealed a new lineup of English Dub anime premieres set for this month, including the premiere of The God of High School Dub!

The Lineup of English Dub anime heading to the platform include:

The God of High School English Dub will premiere on August 24, with new episodes airing on Mondays. The cast will include:

Via Crunchyroll
Via Crunchyroll

Mori Jin being voiced by Robbie Daymond (whose previous work includes roles on “Sailor Moon” and “The Seven Deadly Sins”)

Via Crunchyroll

Daewi Han will be voiced Sean Chiplock (who has provided voices for “Re:Zero” and “The Last of Us Part II”)

Mira Yoo will be voiced by Veronica Taylor, (who is best known voicing the original Ash Ketchum in “Pokémon”).

Monster Girl Doctor English Dub premieres on August 16, with a new episode airing every Sunday. The voice cast will include:

Via Crunchyroll
Via Crunchyroll

Dr. Glenn Litbeit voiced by Griffin Puatu (voice work include roles on Beastars and “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!”)

Via Crunchyroll

Saphentite “Sapphee” Neikes will be voiced Cristina Vee (who is in both Crunchyroll Original series “Tower of God” and “In/Spectre”).

Via Crunchyroll

Tisalia Scythia voiced by Julia McIlvaine (who is a 90s kid icon for her work on “KaBlam!”)

Via Crunchyroll

Lulala Heine voiced by Ryan Bartley (who previously voiced characters in “Re:Zero” and “Mob Psycho 100”).

Rent-a-Girlfriend English Dub premieres on Crunchyroll on August 28, with new episodes airing every Friday. The voice cast will Include:

Via Crunchyroll
Via Crunchyroll

Kazuya voiced by Aleks Le (who’s previous credits including “Dorohedoro” and “Demon Slayer”)

Via Crunchyroll

Chizuru voiced by Lizzie Freeman (who has provided voice work for “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” and the Crunchyroll Original “In/Spectre”)

Via Crunchyroll

Mami voiced by Laura Stahl (who has voiced characters in “The Promised Neverland” and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”).

The English Dub for the second season of o “Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-” Season 2″ will premiere on August 26, with new episodes airing every Monday. The voice cast includes:

Via Crunchyroll

Subaru voiced by Sean Chiplock (who has worked on “The God of High School”).

Via Crunchyroll

Emilia voiced by Kayli Mills (who talented work was in the Crunchyroll Original “In/Spectre” and “Isekai Quartet 2”)

Via Crunchyroll

Rem voiced by Brianna Knickerbocker (who was in “B:The Beginning” and “Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World”)

Via Crunchyroll

Ram voiced by Ryan Bartley (who is also providing voice work for “Monster Girl Doctor”)

Via Crunchyroll

Beatrice voiced by Kira Buckland (with previous credits including “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” and the Crunchyroll Original “Tower of God”)

Via Crunchyroll

Puck voiced by Erica Mendez (who worked on iconic series including “Kill la Kill” and “Hunter x Hunter”).

Some great releases filled with amazingly talented voice actors are on their way. Stay tuned to Crunchyroll for these, and even more anime goodness (both subbed and dubbed)!

(Source: Crunchyroll)

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