The Cast Of ‘The God Of High School’ Discuss Their Characters And The World Of The Series

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The Crunchyroll Original series The God of High School has become a fan-favorite with its fast action and well-crafted characters. We recently got the chance to ask the cast members who voice the three main characters, Tatsumaru Tachinbana (who voices Jin Mori), Kentaro Kumagi (who plays Han Daewi), and Ayaka Ohashi (the voice actor behind Yoo Mira), some questions. We learned more about their characters and the world of the series (and a bit beyond).

Tatsumaru Tachibana plays Jin Mori. His previous roles include Toratarou Kobayashi in “Case File nº221: Kabukicho” and Kudanstein in the stage play “Alchemist Code.”
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Nerdier Tides: “What was it like to voice Jin Mori?”

Tatsumaru Tachibana: “He was a very fun character who brightened my feelings.” 

NT: “Are you anything like Jin Mori? What do you have in common?”

Tatsumaru Tachibana: “Fundamentally, we probably both have bright personalities. The one thing we have in common is that we can sleep anywhere (laugh).”

Kentaro Kumagai voices Han Daewi. His previous credits include Aston Altland in “Mobile Suit Gunfam: Iron-Blooded Orphans” and Yuuma Gojou in “Hinomaru Sumo.”
Photo via Crunchyroll

NT: “Can you describe Han Daewi?”

Kentaro Kumagi: “His emotions are hard to see, but he is a kind and passionate man who fights for his friends.”

NT: “Are you similar at all to Han Daewi? How was it providing the voice for him?” 

Kentaro Kumagi: “My impression is that he doesn’t seem to be able to rely on people very well. I think he’s a bit like me in that way. It’s interesting to see what happens to him as the story progresses.”

Ayaka Ohashi is the voice of Yoo Mira. Her list of roles include Saki Uno in “Magical Girl Ore” and Kaede Akino in “Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story”
Photo via Crunchyroll

NT: “Can you tell us about Yoo Mira? What was it like to voice her?” 

Ayaka Ohashi: “Mira is a very strong girl who fights with Moonlight Sword Style. She trains hard every day to become stronger. She has a wide range of facial expressions and shows various emotions! She has a younger sister [her sister-like cousin} so she’s caring. She’s pretty, stylish and amazing!! (laugh) She is good at kenjutsu (sword techniques), so the action scenes were difficult for me as I felt like an amateur. She is strong herself, so it was hard for me to act and play the dialogue in one take.”

NT: “Are you similar to Yoo Mira at all?”

Ayaka Ohashi: “I think we might be a little bit alike in our sharp tongue. There was a part in the script where I ad-libbed a rant, but I came up with it right away!! (laugh) And, we’re similar in our love of muscles, too.♡”

NT: “What was it like entering the world of “God of High School?”

Kentaro Kumagi: All the characters have dreams and beliefs. They do their best to fight with their fists, and it makes me passionate about them. As the episode progressed, I became more and more emotionally empathized with them.

NT: “How would you describe the action of “God of High School?”

Ayaka Ohashi: “Extra-dimensional action! It’s just so gorgeous and cool. It’s got a lot of personality in fighting, and it’s awesome to watch!”

NT: Who do you think would enjoy “God of High School?”

Tatsumaru Tachibana: “I can recommend this title to both men and women, regardless of age.”

A great chance to see what it was like behind the scenes when it came to making the exciting The God Of High School. You can experience more by watching the “Behind the Scenes of ‘The God of High School | Making of an Anime” on the Crunchyroll YouTube channel.

“Crunchyroll takes you into MAPPA studios to meet the team behind the scenes of The God of High School. We also talk to the original WEBTOON creator, Yongje Park, who talks about the collaborative process of creating this Crunchyroll Original series.”

Thank you to the cast! And if you haven’t seen the series yet…

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