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G4TV Teases 2021 Return

The legendary geek network is teasing something for 2021.

Today, the Twitter accounts for G4TV and X-Play have been reactivated, posting the same teaser on each account. Filled with references to the network, the teaser ends with a zoom-in on a long-running game of Pong (the network’s first and last shown game), a release window of 2021, and the phrase “We never stopped playing.”

Striking up the interest in most of the online game community and industry, the teaser even brought out comments from one of the network’s former hosts.

G4TV originally started as TechTV in 2002 and went off the air in 2014.

We have made it no secret here that G4TV is a part of what inspired NT. Whatever is set to happen next, it will be interesting to see. Stay tuned as a legendary channel is set to have at least one last game session left in ’em.

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