Crunchyroll’s New Podcast Mini-Series Will Examine Anime’s Rise In America!

Join host, Yedoye Travis, in examining anime's history in America.

Today, Crunchyroll has announced a new eight-part podcast called “Anime in America.” An interesting look at the history of anime in America and its journey from Japan, it will be hosted by the much loved Yedoye Travis.


Set to be a hilarious and informative look at the journey anime took to be available to western audiences, the first podcast episode is titled “IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS FANSUBS” and will feature Justin Sevakis, Anime News Network’s founder. The episode description is a nostaligc blast from the past for older anime fans, while showing newer fans how much suffering was involved in order to enjoy anime.

IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS FANSUBS: Before you could go online to watch literally any and every anime…you had to send a letter, a check, and wait a few months for a VHS of maybe 4 episodes. Also, doing that was a crime.

Via Crunchyroll
Yedoye Travis via Crunchyroll

The podcast host, Yedoye Travis, is an actor, comedian, and writer. Known for his work on Fredarator’s Get In the Robot channel, creating and hosting the Dark Tank podcast, and guest starring on networks like BET and Comedy Central, he is the perfect host for the series!

A fun experience awaits anime fans! You can join Yedoye Travis on a journey down the scholarly halls of anime history, learning just how it became big in America. Head over to the official site to enjoy the series trailer.

Anime in America will launch on July 28th with two episodes, with new episodes released each week. You can listen to the series on,, and podcast services like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify.


And if you like anime, make sure to check out the Crunchyroll Original series, “The God of High School,” which premieres July 6th.

(Source: Crunchyroll)

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