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Discover The Hidden Treasures of Tokyo With “Tokyo: Day By Day”

Time to explore!

(Featured Source – VIZ Media)

VIZ Media has announced that they will be releasing a new curated guide to enjoying the magic and wonders of Tokyo, Japan, called Tokyo: Day By Day!

VIZ Media

Tokyo: Day By Day is a book that spotlights the amazing sights, sounds, and places of Tokyo for an entire calendar year! 365 ways to explore the world-famous megacity across its dazzling streets, gorgeous eateries, and fun festivals.

Learn about the world-famous city! Each entry includes contact and travel information to help!

Sample Page via VIZ Media

With each page, you can discover Tokyo’s secrets and explore it like a local. It was adapted for English by Isabelle Huang, with its design & layout done by Adam Grano. It spectacular view of Tokyo provided by RETRIP.

Tokyo: Day By Day will be available on June 9, 2020! Make sure you grab a copy because looking through its pages is an adventure!

VIZ Media has also revealed their impressive lineup of releases for July, set to fill your summer up with awesome reads! You can check them out here!

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