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Mix-and-Mash Video Game Genres In ‘SuperMash’

What genres will you create?

(Feature Image – Digital Continue)

Get ready for genres to collide in SuperMash, the “game that makes games!”

SuperMash – Official Trailer

“If you mixed together two retro games, what do you think would happen? Maybe you’d see a cute Platformer character sneaking through an abandoned facility, or perhaps you’d see a Shoot ’em Up ship engaged in turn-based RPG combat. With six genres to mix together and DLC to come in the future, who knows what game you’ll get to play next! Expect the unexpected with SuperMash on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One starting May 8!”

In SuperMash, players will combine genres and mix games to create new game experiences. Take on the role of Tomo, as he tries to save his sister Jume’s game shop with the power of genre mixing! An amazingly unique take on gaming, SuperMash is definitely a game to be excited for!

Digital Continue

Players can share their created genres with each other using the game’s MASH Code system!

Digital Continue

Mix and match genres to create a fun, challenging, and bizarre gaming experience. It is the latest game to come from indie game studio Digital Continue, the creators of Next Up Hero!

SuperMash will be available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One On May 8! It is available now for PC via the Epic Store.

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