New ‘Bleach’ Anime Reportedly To Be Announced Alongside New Tite Kubo Anime

The story anime may finally continue.

(Image – ©TITE KUBO/SHUEISHA/Klab Games)

As we reported in January, a new Bleach project is supposed to be revealed this month. Well, it seems that the news of just what the announcement is going to be has leaked, wit it reportedly being a continuation of the anime.

Coming from anime news twitter account @AIR_News01 is a scan of what is reported as an upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, the manga publication that originally ran Bleach.

Showing that the return of the series would see the adaption of the Bleach manga’s Thousand-Year Blood War arc, it would make the anime a complete adaption of the series. If this is true, it would confirm what many fans hoped the announcement that was supposed to come their way during the now canceled AnimeJapan event. An adaption of Bleach creator, Tite Kubo’s, one-shot manga, BURN THE WITCH, is also reportedly on the way.

It was 20 years ago that Bleach originally began, and it must be thankful news from any fan to hear that it is getting love.

We won’t know officially what the series has planned until the Bleach 20th Anniversary Live Stream on March 21st.

Are you excited to hear Bleach may finally get to finish its run?

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