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New Bleach 20th Anniversary and Tite Kubo Projects to Be Spotlighted At AnimeJapan 2020

A new site called "Bleach face again" has opened up

(Image – ©TITE KUBO/SHUEISHA/Klab Games)

As reported by, the moment that many Bleach fans have hoped for since the anime ended in 2012, may finally be here. It was announced that this year’s AnimeJapan will feature events related to Bleach, and its creator, Tite Kubo.

The stage event “Bleach 20th Anniversary Project and Tite Kubo New Work Presentation” is set to be held on the Blue Bird Stage during AnimeJapan 2020. The announcement for its addition to the AnimeJapan line-up has been accompanied by a new site opening up alongside, the words BLEACH: face again displayed across.

No further information has been given, but we suggest fans stay tuned for what will likely be big news this March.

AnimeJapan 2020 will be held March 23 – 26 at Tokyo Big Sight.

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