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Ape Escape News Coming Later This Year

The Apes may be back. in 2020...

(Featured image source – Piposaru 20th)

The hit classic game, Ape Escape first saw release in May 1999, with its last main series entry release being in 2005, fans have long wanted another adventure collecting rampant escaped apes.

Well, it looks like 2020 may be their year, if not just a good year, when it comes to Ape Escape updates. The 20th Anniversary Twitter account for Ape Escape posted an interesting message and image.

Happy New Year. This year also, exciting and wonderful! To send lots of important information!

The account was originally set up last year for the series 20th anniversary, it note that this year will be seeing “lots of important information!”

Is it a new game? A new line of merchandise? or maybe even an anime? There is no way to tell just yet what fans should be expecting, but it definitely is something they will want to track!

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