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Modder Changes Popular Pokémon Trainer’s Skin Color

One modder thought fan favorite character, Nessa, could use a new look (spoiler: they were wrong)

(Featured image source – ChibiButo)

The reaction to Pokémon Sword & Shield’s, Nessa has been over all well, with many appreciating a darker skin toned character, being so elegantly designed. That said, there has been plenty of hate and art tributes meant to demoralize those who appreciate her, or in some cases, “fix” her and some percieved mistake in her design.

How the amazingly design character looks in-game normally:


Well, one modder has taken their effort directly to the game with their new “White” and “Gyaru” Nessa Mods.

“White” Nessa via ChibiButo’s YouTube
“Gyaru” Nessa via ChibiButo’s YouTube

While we are unable to inform you of the specifics of the mods as we refuse to download them due to their source hosting (and more importantly, we just don’t want to?), both mods are highlighted in a YouTube video by ChibiButo, who may have made the mod, has had their receptions split down the middle, with many finding the “white” mod disrespectful. Their creation was apparently in partial honor to japanese Pokémon fan artist, Najuco, who recieved heavy criticism for changing the character’s skin color in their work.

Najuco’s depiction of Nessa:

While some have made the argument that the purpose of mods are to change the personal gaming experience of the player, it can be questioned as to why this mod targets a single character’s skin color.

It seems that Nessa’s troubles to be fully accepted, may continue for a bit.

But in our personal opinion, this mod can fuck off.


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