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@AnimeNYC 2019: Hands-on With Deemo -Reborn-

The emotional story told through the power of music, finds a new home.

(Featured image source – Unties, Rayark Inc.)

A sense of mystery, captivating story marked with a sense of emotion and expression made clear only through brilliant and touching music. This is the power of Unties & Rayark Inc. Deemo -Reborn-, and this is the story they plan on bringing to PS4.

DEEMO ‐Reborn‐ Trailer:

Deemo -Reborn- is a retelling of the hit mobile game Deemo, presented on the PS4. Taking the game from a 2D space to a 3D world, it brings with it a new sense exploration, puzzle-solving, gorgeous visuals, and a new engaging way to experience a story that gamers love with its VR mode.

PS4 DEEMO -Reborn- 2019 PV:

It is a unique experience that blends a captivating story with rhythm gameplay. It creates a beautiful gaming experience that is a genre all its own.

Our time with the game was in its VR mode. While other VR rhythm games are fast-paced, frantic experiences, Deemo -Reborn- took its time. It showed us something much more and made sure that its story was presented first, using its rhythm gameplay to pull us in. The game follows Alice, a girl who finds herself in a strange new world. The only way to leave is to have a silent and enigmatic figure named Deemo, play his piano, which causes a tree to grow. Playing songs unlocks new areas of exploration, which then allows you to find more songs to bring back to Deemo. While the game doesn’t require every song in it to beat its story, finding the extra songs and solving the mysteries of your surroundings is very rewarding. In a very unique moment that I don’t think we have had before for anything it is genre, we forgot we were playing a rhythm game. Its narrative has that power.

For those who just want to layback and experience the story, there is a TV mode that lets you just play with a controller.

Unties, Rayark Inc.

With this greater sense of scale does come a few new secrets and moments that fans of the mobile game won’t want to miss, including finally being able to speak with the game’s mysterious Mask Girl.

While our hands-on was short, it still was so much to experience and enjoy. Saying that Deemo -Reborn- is a remake feels so underwhelming. Yes, it is the much-beloved story be presented again, but in such a dynamic and expanded way, it feels like a separate story all its own.

Deemo -Reborn- is available now for the PS4, and you should make sure to check it out. A full updated review is on its way from us, so stay tuned!

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