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‘Legend of Zelda’ Fan Hand-Crafts Stunning 3D Topographical Map Of Breath of the Wild!

Filmmaker and animator, Mason Drumm, has crafted one breathtaking map.

The worlds that players explored in the Legend of Zelda series have been massive. The settings have been filled with awe, secrets, and moments that stay with you long after you are done. Memories that each player can hold to as their own. Well, one fan has made an amazing tribute to the world of Legend of Zelda’s 2017 entry, Breath of the Wild, with a 3D topographical map!

Mason Drumm,

Made by filmmaker and animator, Mason Drumm, the breathtaking creation (sorry) took 65 hours to make, and is hand-crafted out of wood and epoxy.

A Video Detailing Its Creation:

Mason Drumm,
Mason Drumm,

The highly detailed recreation even features a map legend and icons, so you can be sure what you encounter in its stunning rivers, mountains, deserts, and plains.

Mason Drumm,
Mason Drumm,
Mason Drumm,

This masterpiece will be sitting in Drumm’s office as the trophy that it is, and let’s all be honest that we are a bit jealous that we can’t have one of our own.

Mason Drumm,

Be sure to check out other creations from Mason Drumm on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and This creator has a knack for fun, eye-catching projects!

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