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Grobo – Gravity Is At Your Control!

An adorable post-apocalyptic puzzle platformer.

Grobo is the somehow adorable post-apocalyptic puzzle mobile game platformer from Hot Chocolate Games, where gravity is at your control. Playing as the titular robot, Grobo, you find yourself in a sprawling metropolis, aiming to solve the mystery of what happened using the power of gravity.

A little robot on a big adventure.

Grobo makes his way through a stylized world where dangers lurk all around. It is up to the tiny bot to avoid these dangers by shifting the way gravity pulls on not only him but other aspects of the world.

Electrical traps, lasers, spikes, and items than can crush you? Oh my!

A puzzle platformer that has a feeling all its own. It is easy to find yourself loving the world that Grobo explores. Grobo sets the tone perfectly, with the puzzles feeling like an extension of the silent story you are enjoying, and ultimately Grobo’s game design is just so appealing.

A mobile game, the controls are simple and intuitive, which doesn’t stop the game from switching the pace up, having you need to make quick moves to get your little robot to safety.

Grobo is very fun and something puzzle fans should really check out! It will be available for iOS and Android later this fall. You can check out their official site and follow them on Twitter for the latest updates!

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