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@Play NYC – Hey Cutie!

A charming and funny game that stays relatable, even when you are trying to date Lady Dracula.

(Early preview copy provided by Brian Sowers)

Hey Cutie is a dating sim competitive tabletop card game that has quickly become one of our new favorites to play! Coming from game developer Brian Sowers, in Hey Cutie, 2-6 players compete to make their crushes like them back, in a delightfully weird game that comically gets a bit real.

A charming and funny game that stays relatable, even when you are trying to swoon Lady Dracula.

Picking a character archetype, you set out on your cutie dating mission. From otherworldly beings, vampires, burly chefs, and every walk of life and aesthetic in between, there is all matter of cuties for you to pick from and decide to swoon. Each cutie has stats and items they find desirable, and it is your job to meet them by gathering stat-boosting items, gifts, gestures, powers, and pick-up lines through cards and money. But of course, the game is still competitive and you have to stop your opponents from getting affection.

One Method Monkey

Again, too real, man!

Giving your opponents items like fedoras and vapes can prevent them from performing certain actions or lowering their stats. Sorry fans of fedoras, fiction imitates life.

Vape fans, I want to say we here at Nerdier Tides don’t think you deserve that, but our office is currently split on you. #Sorry

While there is a fun level of strategy, the game is easy to pick up and understand. The humor is fun and relatable, and the quirkiness of ending up as a magical shoujo heroin trying to get rid of my vape pen so that you can date a vampire makes the game instantly memorable.

We highly recommend following this game and getting a copy for you and the cuties in your life.

Brian Sowers @Play NYC 2019

Hey Cutie is in development and will be heading to Kickstarter later this year. You can follow them on Twitter and their official site, to get the first word on when the Kickstarter goes live.

You can expect a more detailed account of our time paying hey Cutie when we wrap up all of our Play NYC 2019 coverage.

And if you like Hey Cutie, then we suggest you check out Brian Sowers other amazing tabletop game, Hero’s Crossing which we wrote about here.

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