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@Play NYC – Hero’s Crossing

In a world filled with epic heroes, you are not one in this must have board game from Brian Sowers!

Brian Sowers’ Hero’s Crossing feels like the perfect board game for gamers. Its strength lies not just in the way it plays but in its aesthetic and setting/character design. In a world filled with legendary hero archetypes heading out to slay beasts and save the day, you don’t do that. No, because in Hero’s Crossing you are not the epic hero setting forth on the journey, you just run the town they pass through. And it is so much fun!

Welcome to Hero’s Crossing! A familiar setting made all your own!

One Method Money

In a world filled with epic heroes, you are not one.

2-4 players take on the challenge of running towns, aiming to make them grow and attract heroes by placing their choice of tiles. Each tile contains different services like shops and places to rest, while also managing and streamlining resource procurement so that you can produce goods. All of it is flavored in a way that it makes a nerds heart warm from it all.

The game’s aesthetics and art changes as you level up, going through the different eras of classic RPGs.

And while the game is all kinds of fun, there is a unique level of strategy that you end up adjusting to and quickly learning. You can’t just place tiles wherever you want, and the other players are always able to sabotage and spy on your efforts. The level of competition is a fun blend of trying to build a sprawling city, while suddenly targeting an opponent to have difficulties.

The laughter never leaves the table, and that is a mark of success for a board game. We had the fun that comes with the theme, the art, the setting, the characters, and just playing.

The must-have board game by gamers for gamers!

Brian Sowers @ Play NYC 2019
Brian Sowers @ Play NYC 2019

You can grab a copy of Hero’s Crossing by checking out their official site. To see what convention it will be popping up at next, you can follow them on Twitter and check out their official site.

And if you think this game sounds awesome, then for sure check out Brian Sowers other game Hey Cutie, which we wrote about here!

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