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Roller Champions E3 Pre-Alpha Impressions

Roller Champions is shaping up to be an all-new type of online multiplayer experience!

Roller Champions is an action-packed game that was shown during the Ubisoft E3 conference and promises to bring together fast-paced rollerblading with the control of rocket league. The game’s pre-alpha is out online and on the E3 2019 show floor right now and is a smooth experience. Playing online is a bit laggy though seeing as how people from all over the world are playing, I doubt the test servers can handle the stress of the pre-alpha. The game plays like basic roller derby which is an ingenious idea to me. No other recent game has really thought of the idea of using roller derby as the premise. A sport that translates into gaming so well!

The E3 2019 Trailer:


For those who don’t know, in roller derby, your team of three has to have control over the ball to round the roller ring one time, and then you will be able to score. The game takes roller derby to the next level.

To keep track of this, they have a light ring around the arena that will follow you as you progress. When you complete one ring you can then throw the ball through a vertical loop that will light up showing you are ready to score points. Every time you circle the arena consecutively, the points you earn on the dunk will increase. One loop around will give you 1 point, 2 loops 3 points and finally 3 loops around will give you 5 points. Remember, if the opposing team steals the ball then you will have to get the ball back and your progress is reset at no loops.

Because its currently a pre-alpha build, the controls are kind of rapidly fired at you. It took me a while to pick up all the things to do, but thankfully you are thrust into a game with AI opponents. I was able to pick it up with practice, and good old trial and error which made learning all kinds of fun! 

The Roller Champions Pre-Alpha is only available on PC, but If you’re going to give it a try over the course of the next 3 days, I would recommend using a controller as the controls felt a bit too complex for keyboard and mouse.

All-in-all Roller Champions is shaping up to be an all-new type of online multiplayer experience!

Roller Champions is slated for a early 2020 release. You can sign up for the demo over on the official site.

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1 comment on “Roller Champions E3 Pre-Alpha Impressions

  1. Gives a Monday night combat vibe. It was an old arcade game back in the Xbox 360 era


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