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Nickelodeon Releases New ‘SpongeBob Masterpiece Memes’ Collectible Vinyl Figures

They are marketed as "Memes you can collect".

Well, in some way this seems like it was inevitable, but some may still be shocked when they see the new SpongeBob SquarePants Masterpiece Memes Collectible Vinyl Figures.

Retailing for $21.99 each, all the figures capture a classic moment from the long-running cartoon show that has been turned into a meme.

– Imaginaaation SpongeBob

Via Amazon
Via Amazon
Via Amazon

– Surprised Patrick

Via Amazon

– Handsome Squidward (Closed Eyes)

Via Amazon
Via Amazon

– SpongeGar

Via Amazon
Via Amazon

Being branded as “Memes you can collect“, the intial set includes 6 figures, with the Mocking SpongBob figure already being sold out. It is always interesting to see a company readily participate in the meme culture that has developed around their franchise/properties. But if there was ever one that would do it, it would be SpongeBob. Some have said that whenever a meme gets too big, that’s when it is done. And what’s bigger than being turned into a figure?

Via Amazon

For those who love that Nickelodeon is playing along, you can snag one of these memes figures over on Amazon.

So what do you think? New cool collectible or death of a meme?

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