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New Pokémon Collection Aims To Give Wobbuffet Its Time To Shine!

Wobuffet's smile is contagious~

Pokémon is well known for giving various Pokémon their time in the spotlight in terms of merchandising and tie ins, but it seems that a long waiting series favorite, Wobbuffet will be getting their chance to shine thanks to the support of its fellow Pokémon!

April 27th Pokémon Center Collectibles will be taking the iconic smile of Wobbuffet. While it will be mostly Pikachu and Eevee, quite a few Pokémon will be helping spread that Wobbuffet energy.

Plushes, bags, even cell phone cases, all will be available to those who love the high energy psychic Pokémon!

You can head over to the Japanese Pokémon Center site to check out the collection and where it will be available later this month.

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