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‘Three Delivery’ – A Show About Three Teens Fighting Evil While Delivering Food

Fighting evil while working for the family restaurant can be tough, but it's just another night in the city for these three teens.

We have already talked about one of show creator and animator, Larry Schwartz most well-remembered shows, Kappa Mikey. Today we are going to talk about what I find to be a somewhat forgotten show from Schwartz, Three Delivery.


Airing in 2008, it focused on three orphan teenagers who are taken in by Mei Wa (they call her Nana). The teens Sue, Sid, and Tobey perform deliveries for the restaurant owned by Nana’s son, Calvin Wu. While of course fighting the plans of evil magician Kong Li.

Oh, yeah nearly didn’t mention that part. The reason that Nana took the teens in, is because they showed both the magical and martial arts prowess needed in the battle to stop the magical skilled Kong Li from getting a special magical cookbook in Nana’s possession. With the book, he can break out of the magical barrier that currently traps him and all the magic moments that happen in the series, in Chinatown.

Three Delivery’s Opening Theme Music Video:

And the theme song holds all the goodness that was 2008 rock, so get ready to both jam and cringe.

The plot caused a bit of concern, as to its understanding of Asian-American culture, and would it just coat itself in the tidings of Asian history for the sake of a story.

The show did had a culture consultant, Pei-Chen Chen. After its release there were no notable complaints. In-fact the show cleverly included nods to Chinese puns and jokes that the average viewer wouldn’t understand.

I am not sure how the show would be viewed by a wider audience now though, and I think that would be interesting.


I will say the adventure and humor of the show was really fun.

No joke. The action was pretty dynamic, the episodes utilized this mystery of Nana’s, Kong Li’s, and the teens past very well. The characters had pretty good voice actors with some legends of voice acting involved, including
Stephanie Sheh (Bleach, Eureka Seven), Johnny Yong Bosch (Bleach, Trigun), Carrie Keranen (Persona 5, Fire Emblem Heroes) and Jamie McGonnigal (Pokémon, Peach Girl).

Three Delivery’s tale and the design of the world the characters called home was very real, though the streets felt far too bare, too often. The story has a few cheesy moments but it somehow makes it better?


The show’s ratings were pretty good but it still found itself only having one season that ends on a incredibly major reveal.


Overall I would recommend checking out Three Delivery if you can find it to see how you feel about it.

Oh and get ready to jam to the theme!

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