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Anime NYC 2018: Illustrator Nate Bear

A funkatronic love letter to gaming and cartoons!

Illustrator and Artist Nate bear’s work is something different that I can’t help but love! A funkatronic letter to the things he loves and you can see it in the amazing detail. His art is a mixture of action stylized moments and the nostalgia of growing up a nerd leaping from the page at you.

Gaming, cartoons, comics, Nate Bear shows his fandoms care and attention that makes his art a thrill to browse. His work pops, it’s vibrant, it all feels so exciting and frantic!

And trust me, you will love it too.

Nate’s art is available as Pins, original books, Prints, and awesome crafts.

Nate Bear @ Anime NYC 2018

His art feels so vivid, and the pins make for the perfect accessory. And do trust that the prints make for a great addition to any nerd lair or gamer den.

You can check out Nate’s collection and pick up one of his cool pieces on his official site,

Following him on Twitter and Facebook will give you a look at the latest work in progress as well as convention appearances.

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