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The End Of The PS Vita Is Nigh As Sony Announces Its Production To Cease

2019 marks the end of an era

Sony’s PlayStation Vita has just been put on its deathbed as Sony has revealed production of the handheld gaming platform to cease in 2019.

Not only will production of the Vita stop worldwide but Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Vice President Hiroyuki Oda confirmed during an interview with Famitsu that they currently have no plans for any new handhelds.

“At the moment, I do not have a plan of presentation about the new model of the portable machine (it is the plan at the present moment only). PlayStation Vita continues production until 2019 in Japan, and shipment will be completed thereafter.”

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While the Vita has had a rough time in the past few years, this follows a previous announcement from Sony that it would stop production of physical games in March 2019.

Sony has confirmed that Vita owners will still be able to purchase and download games from the PlayStation Store.


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