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Sony To End Production Of Physical PS Vita Games In 2019

It seems Sony may want to write the handheld off in the West

Sony’s PS Vita has had some continuing difficulties in terms of its western sale numbers, but the handheld seemed to continued to press on. Though as reported by Kotaku, the handheld will be taking on a different approach as Sony’s American and European divisions have announced via a letter to developers, that they will be ceasing production of physical PS Vita games in March of 2019.

While games will still be released, those new games will only be available for purchase in the west only through their PSN store. Sony has also announced that starting in March 2019, Vita games will no longer be included in the free selection of PlayStation Plus titles offered each month. While it seems that the western life of the Vita is fading away, it still has a strong fan base in Japan.

A lot of questions have been raised about why it has not been doing well in western markets, but it seems like Sony plans to write it off here.

Source – Kotaku

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