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Play NYC 2018 – DogFight

Take to the skies and defend dog kind!

A war has been stirring. One that has caused grief since time began. Maybe it was inevitable. Maybe it is just the cycle of hatred rearing its head, but it is time…

The war between cats and dogs has taken to the sky!

Petricore Inc’s DogFight is an air combat game that explores the escalating conflict between Cats and Dogs in a unique and fun designed world, where aircraft are the chosen form of travel.

Cats have begun to push the aggression and that sets up the nation of dogs having to ask its army of brave and capable canine pilots to defend its skies and hold back its enemies.

DogFight, Petricore Inc

Dynamic flying combat as players dive and bank, using their dog themed weapons to take out their enemies.

As well as their friends! DogFight has a versus mode complete with customizable dogs and planes.
DogFight will be available for Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, with no planned release date yet.

You can follow its development by checking out Petricore Inc’s official site, their Twitter and their Facebook.


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