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Play NYC 2018 – AstroViking

One Viking vs many aliens!

Fast paced and challenging, AstroViking is a top-down bullet hell with RPG elements that feels just all kinds of right.

Created with GIMP
AstroViking, Artii Games LLC


Designed by Artii Games LLC, AstroViking is bright and captivating as you change up and adapt to an ever-growing set of challenging enemies. It is up to players to pick skills from an expansive skill tree to take down the swarm of alien enemies as a super powered Viking.

AstroViking, Artii Games LLC


AstroViking, Artii Games LLC

Doing well feels rewarding as you manage to destroy waves, that high score counter rising. It becomes a race to see just how well you can do and if you will end up on the online leaderboards.

Taken @ Play NYC 2018

AstroViking is available now for PC via Steam.

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