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Play NYC 2018 – Radical Spectrum Volume 3

Time to get radical!

As every 90’s kid knows, the term radical carries a lot of weight. It is the title of the awesome, the epic, the things that is guaranteed to make you totally ready to shred. So it is immensely appropriate that Radical Spectrum has the term radical in its title, for it is so deserving.

Radical Spectrum Vol. 3

Radical Spectrum Volume 3 is an amazingly unique open-world puzzle platformer. Styled like a Metroidvania but with a twist. Players have the ability to control 5 characters, 3 at a time, combining their abilities to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

This flexibility with the combinations gives you all kinds of approaches to solving the game’s challenges. it goes beyond the classic puzzle platformer approach in which new powers are how you overcome new obstacles. No, its all about thinking in new ways!

Radical Spectrum Vol. 3


Radical Spectrum Vol. 3

Figuring out how to mix and match feels so rewarding even if it doesn’t help the current puzzle. It has you going “ohhhh” and storing that technique for future use. Even the game’s enemies are a part of the puzzle solving.

Radical Spectrum Volume 3 was a fascinating and captivating game to play at this year’s Play NYC. Its full release promises to offer that and more as there are plans to include a level editor. We are excited to see just how radical the community made levels will get!

Radical Spectrum Vol. 3

Currently in its Kickstarter phase, you can check the game out and support it here. A Kickstarter with a great perk as the developers of Radical Spectrum Volume 3 is allowing those who back it at the $5 level and above, the chance to play alongside its development through planned puzzle pack releases. This is something that you got to love. Seeing the game and being able to comment on its development.

Radical Spectrum Vol. 3

Radical Spectrum Volume 3 is a game that you want to follow!

With a planned spring 2018 release for PC/Mac, visit the Radical Spectrum Volume 3 Kickstarter and get radical!

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