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Liberty City Anime Con 2018 – Sinister Squids

Fun and fantastical art themed around food~

Sinister Food’s aesthetic is art meets food. It gives their work a constant shifting style that still carries over the gorgeous technique that has made me fall in love with their work.

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SO! @seerlight and I have recently finished a collaboration project we have been working on for the past couple of weeks and are excited to final reveal …CUBIEE!!! . Here is our rubix cubiee smoll world collaboration!!! It has been a really fun project born of our shared fondness of cubes and tiny worlds! We hope you guys enjoy it! . If you don't already know Seerlight check out his amazing work and little worlds! . Also we don't actually have an official name for it yet, and we were hoping you guys could hep us out on that end (will probably have a question/poll type thing) so keep an eye peeled 👀👀👀 . . . #scifi #tinyworld #cubeworld #cubiee #seerlight #sinistersquids #fantasy #rubixcube #fantasia #multiverse #biome

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And it is immediately lovable!

Offering their art in all kinds of fun forms, Sinister Squids has shirts, prints, stickers, key chains, and even original comics. There is something so magnificent about their creativity!

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Oh. My. Jesus. It is LEO SZNNNN BINCHES!!! It's Leo Season, finally a piece of art that is actually timed correctly to the day of the year that it shares a relevance with haha. Happy Leo Szn to all my Leo's!! 💝 . It might be basic to simply put Royal Milk Tea x Leo (bc. "Royal"), but a Leo might not care if its a little basic would they? They would probably acknowledge others judgement and go on with their day (or not even notice honestly). And also what about tea time? (that sounds kind of royal no???) . (Also heeppy Leo season to @branflakes_eats check out their profile and comment #sinisterflakes on a food you want to see cubed!) Tag a Leo you know! But more importantly!!! How are YoU GoInG to be extra Leo Season? . #zodiac #leo #starsigns #zodiacsigns #westernzodiac # leoseason #royalmilktea @sangaria #milktea #asiandrinks #happyleoseason #digitalartdrawings #beingextra #十二支 #星印 #レオ #signosdeestrellas

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A brilliant and imaginative use of colors!

You can browse their wondrous collection over at their Etsy as well as their official site!

IMG_0042 (2).JPG

To keep up with Sinister Squids and track their upcoming convention appearances and works-in-progress, you can follow their Instagram and Twitter.

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