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Play NYC 2018 – Haiduc

What legend will you build in this narrative card game?

Recently I got to experience a narrative card building game that was rich in creativity as well as a cultures lore and icons.


Haiduc is built around the idea of you building an epic tale for your character. Based around the Romanian hero highway bandits called Haiduc’s, they are comparable to the tale of Robin Hood. They robbed rich nobles and became a cultural touchstone in Romania. Seeing the amazing beauty in this story, the game’s creator Mary Georgescu decided that it was far too interesting to not share this part of her culture with gamers. And I will say the table top fan in me truly loves this game!

It is filled with the epic adventure that you feel like Road bandits show be on. As you build your tale and your character gains traits/titles, players still have to decide on how to treat the other players. Will you protect the person beside you because their character has the trait of being humble and you have the trait of being generous? Or are you a ruthless legend that only cares about yourself? The game is all about gaining fame while managing your gold.

Making the question become, what type of tale you will build?

This is perhaps why the game is just so much fun!

You can track Haiduc’s development by following them on Twitter and Instagram. You can support them by becoming a Patron on their Patreon!

Taken @ Play NYC 2018

And of course, make sure to check out the official site!

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