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Sony Blocking Fortnite Accounts From Working On The Nintendo Switch

Sony gave no word or warning from why they marking accounts

As reported by Polygon, following the announcement that Epic Games popular battle royale game Fortnite would be available now on the Nintendo Switch, some gamers who played the game and linked their Epic Games accounts to their PS4 were shocked to discover that they are blocked from using their established accounts on other platforms.

While some claim that the marked accounts can still play on PC and Mac, this is still upsetting news as Epic Games is its own private game studio, with no relation to Sony other than them releasing their game on the PS4 alongside other consoles. In what has been a very confusing moment for those who have poured all matter of progression and money into their Fortnite accounts, they are receiving this error on attempts to sign into a PS4 linked Epic Games account on the Switch:

Via – Polygon

With no word from Sony, Epic Games, and Nintendo yet, some are blaming Sony’s very stern anti cross-platform stance in regards to other consoles. Accounts not linked to a PS4 have had no issue being used on other platforms. Still, questions are being raised with how Sony was allowed to do this to accounts without warning or informing anyone.


(Source – Polygon)

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