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Funko To Start Offering Cereal This June

The Elvira cereal turns black when you add milk. The Freddy Krueger turns red. Makes us wonder what the Cuphead Cereal will do?

As reported by the Coronado Eagle & Journal, this summer, something very gory will be helping you start your mornings. Pop culture collectible creator Funko, recently announced that they will be creating a new cereal line, that will contain mini versions of their Funko POP vinyl figures inside boxes of cereal.


Adding to the theme, the first few announced will have a few based on horror icons. With the fun note that the Elvira cereal turns black when milk is added (tying into her role as Elvira Mistress of the Dark) and Freddy Krueger’s turning red (a constant color featured in the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise through either Freddy’s murders or just around). The series will eventually feature icons like Cuphead and He-Man.

Announced for June 2018, it won’t be gracing grocery stores but instead be in collectible good stores, alongside other fan favorite Funko collectibles.

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