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Adidas Reveals the Complete ‘Dragon Ball’ Shoe Line

Bad news... Yamcha isn't getting a shoe...

Ahead of a full year of releases the upcoming Dragon Ball collaboration with Adidas has been fully revealed thanks to YeezyMafia. Alongside their appearances, the cool fact that each will come with a collectible figure is pretty exciting news.

The shoes and their release dates:
Son Goku  August 2018
dbzs (1).png

Frieza  August 2018

Vegeta  September 2018
dbzs (2)

Cell  September 2018
dbzs (1)

Son Gohan  November 2018
dbzs (4)

Majin Buu  November 2018
dbzs (6)

Shenron  December 2018
dbzs (5)

While the Vegeta shoe is still a model, the rest are shown fully colored and ready for their release. The theme of VS will be a part of each month, with the two shoes being tie-ins to legendary battles from the franchise minus the last sneaker which shows love to the franchise‘s iconic wish-granting dragon. So, what do you think? Which will you bet getting?


(Source – YeezyMafia, additional image source – SneakerNews)


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3 comments on “Adidas Reveals the Complete ‘Dragon Ball’ Shoe Line

  1. I want the Son Gohan and the Vegeta! Which ones do you like?

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