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Game Preview: ‘I AM HERE’

A game that focuses on the struggles of a Lesbian couple in the 1960s, told alongside the fear and anxiety that comes with mental illness

I AM HERE is one of those games that I think will sit with the people who play it for a long while. I only played the demo and I still find my thoughts drifting to it, and I finished it hours ago. Developed by indie game studio LavaLamp Games, It focuses on a lesbian woman named Karen in the 1960s searching for her missing partner in a very disjointed (but in a good, narrative explained way), harsh, anti change climate, while also dealing with mental illness.

A narrative adventure game, it paints its scenes masterfully with brilliant music, collectibles that flesh out the world, and just the engrossing struggle of the main character. While I was ready for a tale of the hardships of being gay in a civil rights movement America, I was caught amazingly off guard by the themes and exploration of mental illness and memories. While still a demo, I am already in love with this world. It is one of those games you can’t fully write about because the story, the experiences, the moments where you realized your heart is beating a bit faster in fear of what will become of this woman grabs you…

Well done Lavalamp!

You can experience the demo for free over at Lavaamp’s, and if you like their work make sure to:
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And stick with Nerdier Tides while we track this game to launch!

2 comments on “Game Preview: ‘I AM HERE’

  1. Always tell someone you love them. Never take life for granted. I Am Here is a good reminder to treasure each day. Every day is a gift. Love all you guys.

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