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Sailing the Fun of Anime NYC – New York’s Newest Anime Convention

Anime NYC is here and you already know the Nerdier Tides crew just have to go!

In October, New York Comic-Con flooded the city with over-the-top cosplay, amazing artists and creators, and hundreds of exhibitors offering the best and rarest in all things gaming, anime, and other trinkets to fill a fan’s shelf or display case. Although NYCC still usually covers media from both the American and Japanese creative fields, American comics and graphic novel reigned superior in terms out how much there was to offer. But rejoice, fans of Japanese culture: Your time has come with the newest convention to hit New York City!

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Anime NYC has taken over the Jacob Javits Center and has three floors dedicated to all things anime and manga related! Come in your casual walking around clothes, gothic-style dress, cosplay, or whatever you want to be seen in, and explore what Anime NYC has to offer! The main ones behind it all is Crunchyroll, one of the biggest providers for online anime streaming and simulcasts.

Have some cosplay photos!

Dante took some time out killing demons to make it.
Bringing an end to his father’s curse, Alucard braced the daytime to make an appearance.
Vash the Stampede even came by to join in on the fun.

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The main show floor has over one hundred of exhibitors putting their wares on display for your hungry eyes. Many of them showing off the usual apparel and clothing, some having unique designs never before seen and exclusive to Anime NYC. And of course, there’s also your larger exhibitors with walls and walls of items for you to collect, like anime and Pokemon plushies, and anime figurines.

What about those who are more into gaming? There’s stuff for you to collect, too! There are quite a few exhibitors with prop weapons from popular video games. Are you a Tracer main in Overwatch? You can buy a pair of her pulse pistols and show your pride in being a menace on Temple of Anubis. Or, if you’re a player and want to run around outside of your MEKA, you can buy a skillfully crafted replica of her Light Gun pistol, equipped with a built-in laser pointer and flashlight. You can purchase either of these, along with weapons from other characters, over at the Cosiso exhibitor, Booth #680

IMG_20171118_104321122 (1)
You’ll scream “Nerf this!” when you get your hands on one of these.

Perhaps you’re a gamer who doesn’t necessarily want the props of your favorite character, but want to jam out to a game’s amazing soundtrack when you’re not holding a controller. There are booths for you as well! Head over to Jukebox Imports, where you’ll find a nice selection of older video game soundtracks. There’s bins scattered across the display tables, so you’re bound to find something you’ll want. Jukebox Imports is Booth #122 on the exhibition floor map.

Chaos Legion is a classic on the PS2 and the music deserved to be heard.

After roaming around on your feet you’re bound to get tired. Take a break and relax over at the gaming area, where they have dozens of arcade machines straight from Japan! Many of the games haven’t reached American arcades, so they’re still in the native language. Regardless, it’ll still be a fun experience to play. And just like a normal arcade, there’s a separate section dedicated to some of the most popular fighting games currently out. Test your skill against various players in either Street Fighter V, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, or Tekken 7 and prove you’re the master of your game!

The crowd behind these two was massive, as the player in the black and blue hoodie was going for his 22nd win in a row

Anime NYC is currently going on, lasting November 17th to the 19th, Friday to Sunday. If you haven’t purchased your tickets online, there’s still a chance that you can purchase one near the main entrance of the convention center. And if you’re a Crunchyroll Premium member, you’ll get a special bonus pass.

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