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From Cafe Maids to Students: Programming School Helps Cafe Maids Learn New Skills

A Tokyo programming school hopes to expand the career skills of its Cafe Maid students

Japanese students studying programing in Tokyo have a whole new way to study thanks to Shibuya based school MadeInMaidFamily, that has them studying alongside maids.



The school’s attentive maid cafe styled maids are also there to learn programing. They greet their classmates with hearty hellos and cute dialogue exchanges. This unique set up is meant to motivate and take away the boredom that can befall students as well as provide the maids new and more lucrative career paths further down the line. There is no such thing as a career cafe maid, it is a field that relies on the participant being young. That leaves them disadvantaged further down the line, which MadeInMaidFamily hopes to change.




For anyone who wants to check it out more, you can visit MadeInMaidFamily here.

(Source: Rocketnews24)
(Image Source: MadeInMadeFamily)

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