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More ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Funko Pops Are On The Way!

Sora finally gets a Funko Pop!

Kingdom Hearts has long had everyone asking when part 3 will arrive, but for those who collected the game franchises first series of Pops figures which only consisted of Disney characters, they asked where is Sora?

Well he is not only here, there are 3 different versions of him!

khp1 (7)

khp1 (6)

khp1 (5)

The Sora Figures will be spread across a regular version, a Toys’r’us exclusive, and a Best Buy exclusive. Alongside Sora we also be seeing Riku, Kairi, Shadow Heartless, and Glow Chase Shadow Heartless figures.

Due this holiday season, Kingdom Hearts Pops wave 2 will be a must have for any collector or fan, so head out and pre-order your chosen ones!




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