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@PLAY NYC: Ghosts of Miami

Phoenix Wrights got some competition!

Miami, drugs, crime, stylish clothes and the 80’s. No, This is not about  Miami Vice.



Ghosts of Miami is a visual novel set in 1986 Miami. The novel follows Consuelo “Chelo” Martinez, A rookie Private Investigator trying to get her struggling P.I business of the ground. She enlists the help of many friends and connections around Dade County to help her solve missing persons cases.


The game borrows the time-limitation on each case from Phoenix Wright, which keeps the player devoted to trying to get the case done in the time given. The game promotes a strong female lead and racially diverse cast, something that should be greatly appreciated. It involves 5 cases and 5 romance routes, some of which are LGBTQ+ friendly, but all have good and bad consequences to the story.


The game gives you no room for error, if you don’t count save states you might have a bad time. Ghosts of Miami will keep you wanting more as multiple lives, including Chelo’s, are in your hands.

Ghosts of Miami is available on PC, Mac and Linux. You can find the full game on Steam, & Humble for $14.99.

The demo is also available for those who want to give a try on

For more info on upcoming games by Pillowfight follow them on Twitter Facebook or visit their website.

Pillowfight was founded in Late 2015 by Jo Fu and Conrad Kreyling after developing the game, WE KNOW THE DEVIL. Their goal is to make narrative-rich games for those that love a good story. They are also the creators of games Rose Of Winter & Heaven Will Be Mine.

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