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BHOG: Bullet Witch

The witch Alicia battles demons in this 2006 release.

It is the goal of THE BRIEF HISTORY OF GAMING to chronicle every video game ever made… 


For this portion of the Brief History of Gaming, we are going to talk about Bullet Witch for the Xbox 360.

Developed in 2004 and released in 2006 by Cavia, 2006’s Bullet Witch was a Japanese spectacle shooter that eventually saw world wide release in 2007. Usually developing games for anime titles, Cavia have created games for One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball z, Death Note, and side games for Resident Evil and the Nier franchises.

Bullet Witch was a new IP designed by Taro Hasegawa and Satoshi Ueda. The world, its characters, and monsters were a blend of Japanese and western styles.

The plot goes like this: following a demon invasion in the year 2007, the witch Alicia roams the earth in the year 2013 defeating demonic forces with the help of a unseen ally simply called “The Darkness.” Along the way Alicia helps a resistance group in their attempt to close a portal that the demons are using the pour into our plane of existence. Along the way she unravels the mystery of how the demons got here while trying to save humanity from the brink of extinction.

2007 was weird and I’m so glad to have survived the demons of 2013. Let us be thankful 2017 is so much better,

The game-play is that of a third-person spectacle shooter in the style of Devil May Cry. At the beginning of the each semi-open world stage Alicia is able to purchase new upgrades to her trusty broomstick, the “Gun Rod.” Aside from being able to switch between weapons, she can also learn new abilities, like summoning tornadoes, calling down a vicious murder of crows, and even infuse her Gun Rod with elemental power to defeat the demons in her way.

Go listen to this song. It is great!

Most of the reviews from across the globe were low to middle in their response. It was accused of being repetitive and clunky. Despite the reaction to the game, it developed a fan following that I have no shame in admitting I am part of. While I cannot give this game a immensely good review as a critic, I can say that, as a gamer, that I enjoy the game. It has faults; the game is kinda poorly written and when it ends it just feels like it ends, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Not sure if it is the over the top nature of a gun shaped like a broom, the awesome soundtrack, Alicia’s style, or just how campy and cliché the story gets, but I know for sure that I like it.

We will see you the next time we make a entry into the BRIEF HISTORY OF GAMING!

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