Cowboy Bebop Getting Live Acton TV Adaption Penned By Thor Writer

Fast paced and jazz filled action anime, Cowboy Bebop, will be getting a American live action TV adaption, as reported by Deadline.

Being created by Tomorrow Studios and Midnight Radio, it is being produced alongside the anime’s original creator, Sunrise. Early info also says that Thor: Dark World & Ragnarok writer, Chris Yost, will be writing for it.

With no news on when the adaption will be seen or who the cast & director might be, this could deflate the hope of a big screen adaption (starring Keanu Reeves we all had hoped). Cowboy Bebop is considered one of the best anime series ever created, and rightfully so. It’s soundtrack has long been a personal favorite of yours truly (Cats on Mars being one there songs I play while I work). With the blessing of the original creators though, this makes for a very promising project. 

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